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Between 2005 and 2010 Christina de Vos worked on a series around Aurora, a character from Jeroen Brouwers' claustrophobic novel Zonsopgangen boven zee (Sunrises over sea). Over the years the works were exhibited in batches, but never together as a single, coherent entity. Sales and re-use of many paintings have since made the series permanently invisible, and one of the purposes of this book certainly is to compensate for this deficiency.

Aurora was published in 2012 by publisher TAB (Timmer Art Books) and offers a selection of the most significant paintings, and fifteen collages, specially made for this book, that more than the series itself engages the actual language of the novel, plus a series of after-drawings, or rather drawn afterthoughts, of some of the paintings.

Aurora (97 pages, hardcover, sewn) is available in bookstores (ISBN 978-94-91182-16-7), or directly from Christina de Vos, signed if so desired, by filling out the form below.


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Aurora costs 29.50 euro, shipping is free within the Netherlands, 5 euro is charged inside of Europe, 10 euro outside. Orders from outside of the Netherlands are accompanied by a booklet of Dutch-English translations.

The publication of Aurora was made possible with support of Stichting Harten Fonds and Stichting Stokroos.